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Readings of choice

I carry a wide range of readings to suit your personal needs. My most popular sessions are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on psychic readings and sessions...

Psychic Reading

Is a confidential reading where myself and the client will sit And with using full concentration I tap into the clients present issue And advise him/her through there concerns or challenging time and help them find A rewarding outcome. A psychic reading is a reading that taps into Ones present time of life and can pick up on one or more concerns.

Tarot Card Reading

Is one of three tarot card layouts, each layout determines a clients needs and interests in there reading. This session will read on issues effecting a Clients present or past, also gives direction in decision making. The art of the tarot cards help clients learn there creativity and souls purpose. A tarot card reading can also reveal information about others closest to the client..

Full Life Reading

Is a combination of a full Psychic and Tarot card reading together. Gives you the best of both readings in one session. All readings give insight in Love Marriage Career Family Finance Etc. 

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation helps

you find your inner power and strength align your chakra and cleanse away negative energy from your past present and future. Connect with your inner self and live a happier balanced life full of peace.   

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